About me

As a part-time dreamer and full-time imaginary, I enjoy time for deep reflection. I am normally calm amidst the chaos and am very compassionate and patient toward others.

Times of uninterrupted solitude are extremely important for me to explore possibilities, pursue new ideas, and try different directions. As a leader, I am constantly weighing and considering all the conditions in order to come up with the best option for all parties. My job as a designer–or perhaps as a diplomat to the communication world– is to work with the client, keeping the end user in mind, while shaping the final product.

I approach life, design and even film by finding a common thread, theme or concept. Many times I’ll even blend different aspects of an idea together to analyze the result. I systematically study and troubleshoot problems in order to find the best solutions. I like to learn through “hands on” experimentation and by discovering for myself.

Design, Web Design, Print Design, Advertising, Photography, Account Rep, Art Direction and Illustration

Partner & Creative Director
March 2008 – Present

Co-chair of Membership
AAF Raleigh-Durham
May 2010 – Present

Freelance Designer
April 2003 – April 2008 (5 years 1 month)

Mission House Creative
September 2002 – April 2003 (8 months)

Clean Design
1998 – 2001 (3 years)